15 Reasons Why You Should Choose a MyThemeShop Theme for Your Next WordPress Website

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Shopping for a WordPress theme is a lot trickier than it sounds – and much more important than you think.

The theme you chose is not only going to affecting the way your site looks and feels, but also how it operates and how it performs.

Bottom line?

Your theme has a huge part to play in your SEO and your conversion rate. Therefore, affecting your website’s potential revenue.

Shopping for a theme just got a lot more serious!

When browsing the hundreds upon thousands of free and premium themes that are available, it’s very easy to just choose the one that you think is the prettiest.

Yes, the look of your website is important. It needs to match your brand’s identity and give your users a good impression.

But does it load quickly? Does it work on mobile? Does it work in other browsers? Is it easy to customise? These are just a few of the additional questions that you should be asking yourself.

When I am building a new website, my first point of call is always MyThemeShop. And more often than not, they usually have exactly what I am looking for at a great price (or sometimes free!) In fact, the theme on this website was created by MyThemeShop. It’s called Interactive and you can find it here. I’m also in their house-of-fame with this site.

So why do I recommend MyThemeShop?

Whether you are setting up a new business, an e-commerce store, a blog or an online magazine, MyThemeShop will have a suitable high-quality WordPress theme ready and waiting for you.

..and ALL their themes have the following 15 benefits and features


  1. Fully responsive

If your website does not work on a mobile device, then you might as well not have one. Your website must be fluid and be able to respond to different mobile devices and screens. Including laptops, tablets and desktops of all shapes and sizes.

  1. Compatible with all major browsers

This is a big one that people often forget to check. People browse the web using multiple browsers – Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Windows Explorer etc. Your site may look awesome in Chrome but like a sack of spanners in Windows Explorer. But by using a MyThemeShop theme, you can rest assured that your website will look flawless in all the major browsers.

  1. Easy to customise control panel

There is nothing worse than installing a theme that has limited customisation options in the WordPress dashboard. If you have no coding knowledge, it can make the build of the website very difficult and can often restrict your creativeness. All themes from MyThemeShop come with a control panel allowing you to easily customise every detail of your website. It also makes it super easy to add custom CSS along with tracking codes such as Google Analytics and Facebook Ads.

  1. Contact form and social-sharing buttons built in

The less plugins that you have installed on your website, the quicker it’s going to load and the less trouble you’re likely to run into in the future. Sometimes, having too many plugins can cause complications as they can interfere with each other. MyThemeShop themes come complete with a contact form and sharing buttons built into the theme, removing the need for additional plugins and keeping your website nimble and lightweight.

  1. Google Adsense ad management

Within the theme’s control panel, MyThemeShop will allow you to manage your Google Adsense ads. I love this feature because it takes all the hard work out of the process. Just drop your Adsense code into the boxes and forget about it. Website owners who have switched their theme to a MyThemeShop theme have even reported better ad placements and a higher CTR thanks to this additional feature.

  1. Designed to make your site load quickly

Site speed is of super importance. People don’t want to be left hanging around. The longer it takes for your website to load, the more likely it is that people are going to go elsewhere. All the themes build by MyThemeShop are designed to be as lightweight as possible, giving you the best opportunity for lightning fast load times.

  1. Exact colour matches, unlimited background options and over 600 Google Fonts

With a MyThemeShop theme, you don’t have to comprise on looks. All of their designs are professional and appealing with an unlimited choice of customisation to ensure that your new site reflects your brand perfectly.

  1. Logo and favicon upload options

What’s the point of spending all that time (and sometimes money) on creating a kick-ass logo that you then can’t use on your website? I get really frustrated when themes make it difficult to display a company’s logo. MyThemeShop will allow you the easily upload your logo along with a custom favicon – and I LOVE custom favicons. I think they make the site look so much more professional and finished.

  1. Beginner-friendly shortcodes

Adding in YouTube videos, quotes or columns into a post or page can sometimes be a bit tricky for WordPress beginners. MyThemeShop comes complete with a handy plugin that allows you to add such features easily from your edit screen. And even if you know how to do it harder way, you’ll still use this plugin because it’s just so much quicker and convenient.

  1. Increases pageviews

Increasing the number of page views also increases the amount of time that a user spends on your site. Both of these factors are a huge green flag to Google and their ranking robots. MyThemeShop gives your users plenty of options to check out other content on your site, helping you on your way to SEO stardom.

  1. Professional and appealing designs

Website development and website design are two completely different things. One makes a site works well and the other makes a site look good. With MyThemeShop, you get both expert development and expert design. Plus, their themes come fully customisable. Or if you like the look of their demo site, these settings come pre-installed. You can replicate the demo site in seconds just by a couple of clicks.

  1. Translation ready

As more and more of the world is connecting to the internet, having your website multi-lingual can be a big advantage. MyThemeShop themes come translation ready and can be switched on to translate content with just a few clicks and tweaks. Without the need to invest in and install a bulky third party translation plugin.

  1. SEO friendly

I don’t think that I need to tell you how important this one is. The clean code that is created by MyThemeShop keeps to the latest search engine guidelines. Which ensures that sites like Google can crawl and index your website easily.

  1. Active and helpful support forum

Even the best of us get stuck from time-to-time. I have found the MyThemeShop support forum and invaluable resource in correcting small user errors. The forum is manned by members of the MyThemeShop team as well as other helpful website builders.

  1. Narrated video tutorials

Some people learn through reading and others learn through watching and doing. If you’re the latter, then the narrated video tutorials that are offered by MyThemeShop are perfect for you. Just switch on and follow along and rest assured that you are in good hands.


Not all themes are created equal

In the same way as you should never judge a book by its cover, you should never buy a theme just for its look. As we’ve covered, looks are important, but there are so many other factors that will contribute to the success of your website.

It’s a big task to do a complete theme change on a website that has already been established and already houses lots of posts, pages, comments and subscribers. Do yourself a favour and ensure that your theme not only looks good but has been built to offer you ninja performance and allows your brand to flourish. Choose a MyThemeShop theme.


UPDATE: For a limited time only, MyThemeShop are offering all themes and plugins for just $19 to help celebrate their 5th birthday!

Click here to go and check them out and wish them a happy birthday!

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