Less Than 5% of People Can Ace This Travel Quiz – Can you?

Well, this took me a lot longer to put together than I originally anticipated. I had to do endless amounts of Googling and checking answers, but I finally completed the ultimate travel quiz. Made up of 20 questions, it covers everything from capital cities to islands to The Lion King.

After testing it out on 20 friends, only 1 person got over 15 correct answers. It turns out that it’s pretty tough, and only the most experienced travellers amongst us can ace it – can you?

1. What is the most northern capital city in Europe?

2. The Basilica of the Sagrada Família is in which European city?

3. The city of Pisa, well known worldwide for its leaning tower, straddles which river?

4. The Promenade des Anglais is a promenade along the Mediterranean in which city?

5. What is the capital city of Denmark?

6. Hakuna matata (meaning 'no worries') was a phrase made popular around the world by the Lion King, but which language is it in?

7. La Rambla is a street in which European city?

8. Bristol Airport is in which English county?

9. What was banned from all Disney theme parks in June 2015?

10. What is the capital of China?

11. The Canary Islands are located just off the southern coast of which country?

12. The Denali National Park and Preserve (the word 'Denali' means 'the high one') is located in which American state?

13. Tenby is a small seaside town on the western side of which bay?

14. If you caught a flight to Sumburgh Airport where would you be visiting?

15. What is the capital of Cuba?

16. The Great Barrier Reef is located off the coast of which Australian state?

17. True or False: Benidorm is in the Costa Brava?

18. Which city, site of the Ancient city of Thebes, is sometimes known as 'world's greatest open-air museum'?

19. Which capital city is divided by the Chao Phraya River?

20. Koh Samui is a large island known for its amazing beaches and crystal sea, which country does it belong to?

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