QUIZ: How Well Do You Know Me? – Roseanna Sunley

QUIZ: How Well Do You Know Me? - Roseanna Sunley

For a little bit of fun, I have put together this short quiz to see how well you all know me.

At the end of the quiz, I will be able to determine how much of a stalker you are based on how many questions you get correct. Obviously, close friends and family are an exception, but if you get top marks and I’ve never met you, that’s kinda creepy.

Good luck!


1. In what year was I born?

2. Where am I originally from in the UK?

3. What did I study at college?

4. What is the name of my dog?

5. At what age did I start my first business?

6. Out of the following options, which one would I prefer to have?

7. Which of the following sentences would I NOT say?

8. Where would I prefer to live?

9. If I go out for dinner, what am I most likely to drink?

10. What type of car would I prefer to drive?

11. What's my favourite type of music?

12. Which of the following activities have I NOT done competitively?

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