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  • What 'I Don't Have Time' Actually Means

    I recently suggested something to a friend the other day and she said to me, ‘Oh, I don’t have for that’, to which I responded, ‘that’s just an excuse’. She defended herself and said that it wasn’t an excuse, she genuinely didn’t have time.   ‘I don’t have time’ is just an excuse for something ...
  • Is femisim really an issue

    Recently, I have noticed a lot of stuff pop up in my social media news feed on the subject of feminism. And as a female trying to make my own way in the world, it’s quite an interesting subject for me. But here’s the thing… I think that we as females are making the issue ...
  • Little Roz Moments Roseanna Sunley

    Every once a while I feel compelled to just throw my thoughts out on paper. Or in this case, throw them in a blog post and stick them on the internet. I have moments where I go very deep and ponder the huge and complex subject of life – what has been, what is and ...

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